This was a Poetic Bloomings prompt for June 23, 2013. For Hook, Line, and Sinker, we were given five phrases or sentences for our poems. We could use any or all of the phrases. My poem uses “A blur of self-doubt” and “please don’t squeeze the_______.” My imagination did not stray from the obvious.


A blur of self-doubt
made its way to his stomach.
He, a, Shakespearean-trained
actor, was waiting his turn
to speak this stupid line.

He was an adult
for goodness sakes.
Why was he here?
Oh, yes, his wife, his kids,
and their many bills.

He was told this could
supplement his income.
Now, take a deep breath,
he told himself. You can say it.
“Please don’t squeeze the Charmin ®.”

Sheryl Kay Oder

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