I have been writing poetry for years. Many of my friends have received e-mails which include my poems. I love word pictures and pure silliness as well as some serious verse. This is my first attempt at placing my poetry and some prose musings on a blog.

I have taken an adult education course on creative writing and an online course in poetry. I have participated in both the Poetic Asides and Poetic Bloomings online sites. You will find previously written poems both with and without a poetic prompt and current poems. I hope you enjoy my offerings here.

Since Word Tag is my signature poem, here it is again.

Word Tag 
How they t 
                                      from my mind─
        these words─ 
Like unruly children
                                      quickly running to recess. 

I want them to play a game with rules. 
"No", they say, SPORTING on the page;
"Come be our playmate.
"Don't line us up in S 


I try so hard to tag them 
As they scurry  
Left                          and                                right                                                   
Before my eyes.

  Sheryl Kay Oder 

1 thought on “About

  1. Hannah, thank you for following me. I had tried to get your last blog about the contest on my blog, but it didn’t work. Maybe I can try to figure out how to reblog it. It has been a while since I have written or posted a new poem, so if you want to see some of my poems, you might need to check out the old ones for a while.

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