A Startling Truth

This poem was written for the April 20, 2009 Poem-A -Day prompt rebirth.

A Startling Truth

He did not know what to expect
that night he came to talk to
Jesus. Nicodemus knew the
miracles verified some godly
mission. He wanted to know more.
Could he and the Rabbi share some

spiritual insights? The last thing he
expected was to become confused
by Jesus’ words. Born again?
What did that mean, and why was
it necessary for entrance into
the kingdom of God?

He should have known Jesus was
not speaking of a physical rebirth.
After all, when Jesus said He was
the door He did not mean He had
hinges nor would we get a splinter
if we accidentally rubbed against Him.

Did the tax collector know he
was born again as he hung
his head in shame praying,
“God have mercy on me, a sinner?”
Did the self-righteous Pharisee
beside him realize he was not?

Zacchaeus did not know the term,
but Jesus’ visit to his house amazed
him. Hope came that day. He left his
old master, money, to embrace Jesus’
salvation with joy. Returning others’
money was the natural result.

Sheryl Kay Oder

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