A Prompt Vacation

This was written as a result of a Poetic Bloomings July 2013 vacation from Beautiful Blooms and Sunday prompts. It has been too long since I simply played around with words and ideas on my own. We will, however, have daily vacation-related prompts. It remains to be seen what I will do about that.

A Prompt Vacation

The poet longed for a prompt vacation.
Yes, it would be a vacation from prompts,
suggestions, assigned forms, and designated days.

She remembered those early promptless
poems written on a whim. She would chase
rebellious words and ideas around the page.

Word pictures popped into her mind. Alliteration
delighted her as it often appeared unbidden,
simply a result of words with similar meanings.

She longed for that prompt vacation.
Could she still dance a poetic dance
without a name and create her own muse(ic)?

Oh, vacation, come promptly.

Sheryl Kay Oder

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