Not Spelling!

This is for the Poetic Bloomings prompt, The Children’s Hour, a poem for children (February 3, 2013). I have problems with spelling even as an adult, so I attempted to write about spelling from the prospective of a child. I assume it would be a poem a child might enjoy.

Not Spelling!

It’s great fun to read and write,
but then they said to spell.
I think and think with all my might
but I simply don’t spell well.

Does kat start with a K or C?
They both can sound the same.
I cannot for the life of me
guess for which sounds I aim.

First you need to hear it well
when you sound it out.
But how can I ever tell
what spelling’s all about

when As and Is, Os and Us
get mixed up in my head?
It’s such a challinge to choose.
Do I use an I or E instead?

I’d want to cheat and use spell check
but that is not allowed.
Besides would I pick be or bee
to please that teacher crowd?

Sheryl Kay Oder

3 thoughts on “Not Spelling!

  1. Enjoyed this Sheryl. Having spent many (or is it menee) an hour teaching my children – I think you hit it right (or is it write, or rite) on the head. 🙂 Linda

  2. Linda, my history prof used to correct my spelling often. When he replied to my e-mail with the poem in it he asked, “Did I ever say, in your hearing, that my own spelling was being ruined by my students?” I told him he did not, but I laughed hard when he wrote that in an e-mail. If you have lost any spelling ability, you can comiserate with Jim Richards.

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