Quiet Potter at Work

When I was taking an Online poetry class one of our assignments was to write a poem without any punctuation. I chose to use formatting to act as a means of clarifying the poem’s meaning. At the time I was studying the book Experiencing God. That study prompted this poem:

Quiet   Potter at Work 

Meet me at the table

as I sit 
here on this porch
viewing the fruit of your labor
Nothing calls me
     no dishes
     no clutter
     no computer
     no noise except your robins singing 
     and the chimes tinkling in the wind

I see the grass in vivid green 
and flowers of various colors 
     yellow black-eyed daisies 	
     red and purple tulips    
     and feathery rust colored flowers 
     I’d never noticed before 

Here Lord
As I’m surrounded by the world You made 
     Teach me your Word 
     Teach me how to talk with you 
     Make me a quiet vessel in Your hands 

Thank You 
for meeting me 
as I sit here at this table 
Sheryl Kay Oder 

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