Before I took my camera to record interesting sights, I would take a poetry journal to record some observation that might later be used in a poem. My first poem about forgetfulness uses one of those observations in a line, the one about a butterfly I saw and the dress I was wearing.

Most of my current poems do not start the each line with a capital letter, but this one seems to look better that way, so I left it alone.


How do you hang a memory on 
	Fluffy soft pillows, 
	Or fleeting thoughts playing hide and seek 
When what you need is 
A footprint embedded in cement?

How do you describe someone 
	Whose hair keeps changing from long to short, 
	From straight to curly,
	Whose eyes won’t stay the same color, 
	And can’t even keep the same name? 

I know I went there once.
The flowers were exquisite 
Whatever they looked like 
Whether daisies or roses. 

The burnt-orange butterfly with black dots 
Landed on my purple dress, 
Or did I watch the squirrel scamper 
While wearing my yellow pantsuit?  

I remember. 
I was there. 
Or was I?  

Sheryl Kay Oder

8 thoughts on “Fizzle

  1. If anyone can let me know how to keep spaces in the poem, please let me know. This poem is not formatted the way I would like it to be. Changing the visual did not help at all. 😦

    • Use “text editor”.
      Preceed what you are going to paste in with the two greater-than/less than caret symbols (like “V” on its side) with the word “pre” between them. Then close it with the same code–only with a backslash in there, too. WP would wipe the code if I tried to show it here because the syntax would be wrong, so I’ll use parentheses, but It would look something like
      your pasted text
      That will give you the right indents.

      • Barbara, thank you. I am still trying to absorb what you just wrote. I think I was in text editor. Do I put that code in Word to repaste? if I did that would it wipe out what we both have said here and start all over?

        One more question: Do I precede the whole poem with those symbols or just the indentations?

      • Whole thing goes inside the “pre” tag.
        I don’t use Word, always save as txt or rtf, so I don’t know how that part works. Sorry.

  2. Barbara, it worked, although it was the forward slash you used rather than the bacslash. I wish I could get rid of the border around the poem, but I would much rather have it formatted correctly than not have a border around it. 🙂

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