Garden Delights

I used this old poem for The Poetic Bloomings prompt In the Garden for December 15, 2013.

Garden Delights

A cool breeze entices me
as I stray beside the wildflowers,
their blossoms like orange bells.

I hear a lingering melody,
and realize I am audience
to a bird chamber music concert.

Then I glimpse her
as she scampers like a squirrel,
darting in and out,
daring me to find her.

The muse winks.
Sheryl Kay Oder

1 thought on “Garden Delights

  1. Wow! I dfon’t think I have ever had three likes for a poem before. Thank you all. Patty, I like what you said about who we hold on to. I could not find a way to respond to that on your Gravatar, however.

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