You Can’t Praise Just One

This poem is written for the Creative Bloomings prompt 141 “in Tribute.”

Oh, to turn some silly sounds loose
coining new words like Dr Seuss.
What a joy to see imagination soar
enough to make a mosquito roar.*

Billy Collins’ thoughts sail everywhere—
from the man in the moon to under his chair.**
The Lanyard’s a poem like no other.
Its lighthearted words are a gift to his mother.

Ogden Nash made wordy fun
pointing his pen at everyone.
His protégées include R J Clarken
whose whimsy stems from many a larken.

When Robert Frost described birches with ice
you heard them clicking once or twice.
He often flitted between fancy and fact
longing to dream but needing to act.

Alliteration is king as Hopkins’ sheer plod
shines through his praise of the grandeur of God.
He highlighted colors and a falcon in flight.
Joy in my Creator his words do excite.

* I don’t think Dr Seuss ever made a mosquito roar, but his imagination could have done so.
** I cannot remember a poem about something under his chair, but he will put something there if he has not already

Sheryl Kay Oder

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