Yap, Flap, or Trap?

I wrote this poem based upon a statement a friend made about her tendency to “flap her lips.” What a poem to break my poem fast. 😉

I reminded her we yap and yap
but she thinks her lips do flap.

Are they flapping in the breeze?
What would happen should she sneeze?

Would they fly across the room?
Should we sweep them with a broom?

Hopefully they’ll stay in place
as her thoughts and words do race.

Think when you are prone to yap,
“Should I invest in a new word trap? “

Sheryl Kay Oder


Word Vacuum

This was written years ago before I had ever heard of poetic prompts. 

I thought that poems 
were word vacuums—
not the other way around. 
Could I make a poem 
from the word “swish,” 
or would an idea 
suck in a needed word 
like a vacuum picking up 
	cat hairs, 
	or unidentified squiggly things? 
Perhaps it works both ways. 
Sheryl Kay Oder

Words out of a Box

Reading Misky’s blog reminded me of a class exercise I did using a word picture to describe love. That sent me scurrying to find a few short poems I wrote for that Online poetry class. This is one of those poems.

Words out of a Box

Poetry is words out of a box
falling on the floor
I wonder where they will land.
Can I pick them up again?

Sheryl Kay Oder

The Gift of Words

Recently, I have been rereading many of my poems. I had always thought I preferred the poems not written from a prompt. However, it amazes me how the prompts have directed me to write about so many everyday things. I have written poems about family, local sites, my Lord Jesus, my childhood. people I know, etc.

This poem is one most poets would identify with. It is a thankful poem (written as a prayer) based on a Poetic Asides Poem A Day prompt for April 4, 2008

The Gift of Words

Thank you, Lord
for the gift of words:

to wrap our thoughts in,
to play with,
becoming a lens to our world.

You gave us poetry and song

to exercise our brains,
bring clarity to feelings,
and feed our creativity.

Please teach me to treasure
such a gift,

of course,
to mostly treasure You.

Sheryl Kay Oder

Poetic Romp

This was written for the Poetic Bloomings prompt, A Must-Read Poet (June 16, 2013). The poem is to be a blurb we would like to appear on the back of our book of poetry. Of course we all flattered ourselves because we could. 😉 I used Earl Parson’s newly-minted form, Appreciation.

Poetic Romp

plies her word tag
in a poetic romp
chasing words and ideas
as they flit across the page.

Sheryl Kay Oder

Word or Words

This was written for the Poetic Bloomings In-Form Wednesday—Appreciate (June 12, 2013). Earl Parsons created the form—a five-stanza poem about something we appreciate. He got the idea from the cheer: 2,4,6,8, Who do we appreciate? The syllable count for the lines is as follows: 2,4,6,8,7.

Word or Words

Oh, Lord,
teach me to love
and delight in Your Word
more passionately than my words.
Holy Spirit, draw me close.

Sheryl Kay Oder

Word Catch

In poetry or photography there are certain “rules”. Those rules are there for good reason. However, sometimes in order to make ourselves clear, we simply ignore those rules. This word-picture poem makes an important point about how our words can injure others. It was written after being pounded by someone’s words. Another rule I broke here is to use the word “heart”. I agree that word should be used sparingly. In spite of the breaking of those rules I hope you enjoy this word-picture poem.

Word Catch

When you throw those words at me
don’t do it so carelessly,
forgetting where they land.

Don’t fling them hard against my heart,
forgetting that wrong words impart
a meaning not well planned.

Let’s play word catch by the rules
like the games we learned in school,
tossing hand to hand.

Sheryl Kay Oder

Word Tag

How they t 
                                      from my mind─
        these words─ 
Like unruly children
                                      quickly running to recess. 

I want them to play a game with rules. 
"No", they say, SPORTING on the page;
"Come be our playmate.
"Don't line us up in S 


I try so hard to tag them 
As they scurry  
Left                          and                                right                                                   
Before my eyes.

  Sheryl Kay Oder