Cranberry Cat

This is a quick couplet I put together for the Poetic Asides Wednesday Prompt. It was prompt 308 (Wednesday, June 3, 30215). I never bothered to place it in the comments, but because it is a fun little couplet, I decided to keep it. The prompt was to create a poem with its title based upon the color shirt (blouse for me) you are wearing and the most recent animal you have seen.

As I look at those lines they would make a fun start for a children’s book. Of course I have neither the time nor talent for doing that right now.

Cranberry Cat

Did you see that cranberry cat?
He was chasing a chartreuse rat.

Sheryl Kay Oder

2 thoughts on “Cranberry Cat

  1. I have talent for light verse, but I cannot picture me writing a book. Sometimes “What comes next” eludes me. I’m glad you like it.

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