Yap, Flap, or Trap?

I wrote this poem based upon a statement a friend made about her tendency to “flap her lips.” What a poem to break my poem fast. 😉

I reminded her we yap and yap
but she thinks her lips do flap.

Are they flapping in the breeze?
What would happen should she sneeze?

Would they fly across the room?
Should we sweep them with a broom?

Hopefully they’ll stay in place
as her thoughts and words do race.

Think when you are prone to yap,
“Should I invest in a new word trap? “

Sheryl Kay Oder

4 thoughts on “Yap, Flap, or Trap?

  1. Thanks. Marie Elena. It has extra words for rhyme and preaches a bit, but I am not looking for a prize for this, simply fun for a friend.

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