Word Vacuum

This was written years ago before I had ever heard of poetic prompts. 

I thought that poems 
were word vacuums—
not the other way around. 
Could I make a poem 
from the word “swish,” 
or would an idea 
suck in a needed word 
like a vacuum picking up 
	cat hairs, 
	or unidentified squiggly things? 
Perhaps it works both ways. 
Sheryl Kay Oder

4 thoughts on “Word Vacuum

  1. Very good. I’ve often thought they’re like black holes, sucking in random thoughts floating around the room. Homeless random thoughts … Stirred into poems.

    • Hmm. I like the phrase “homeless random thoughts.” Can you imagine how many poems we will need to sort through before the end of the month? Maybe we will all appreciate Marie, Walt, William, and Robert much more when we vote on our favorite poem about poetry, poets, or an existing poem.

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