One More Try

This poem was written for the Poetic Bloomings prompt Looking Back, Looking Forward (September 8, 2013). On her 92 nd birthday (September 9, 2013) my mother took her final driving test. Unfortunately, she failed that one, too.

One More Try

For years she has been the only driver for the family.
Because of her increasing age and lack of strength
it has been her last remaining way to help.

Each year she has been nervous about taking the test
but she has passed it without a problem—
not so this year. She has failed it twice in a row.

Her family thinks twice is enough, but if she never
tries again she may never know. They will let her try
again. Their only prayer is safety ahead if she passes.

What does transportation look like in their future?
How will she react if she fails one more time?
Can she trust the Lord to continue to care for her?

No matter what happens, God is the driver of her life.

Sheryl Kay Oder

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