True Parenthood

These poems were written for Poetic asides Poem a Day April 24, 2008. The promt was to write a poem about a picture. I do know we have the true motherhood picture, but it has been a lomg time since we saw the true fatherhood one. You will not need to see those pictures to understand these poems, however.

The only picture perfect part of either one is our smiling baby daughter in the first shot. They are a snatch of real parenthood, although the first one is more genuine than the more posed second one. I could not resist adding a prop to the scene already before me. Of course, my hubby’s expression is not posed at all.

True Motherhood

A bright-eyed babe
looks at picture-taking dad.
Maybe he will play with me.

Bottle consumed,
perched on mom’s lap
she is contented indeed.

Droopy-headed mom puts
elbow on chair arm
and leans face on hand for support.

Both dressed for bed,
only one needing it–
true motherhood at 1 a.m.

Sheryl kay Oder

True Fatherhood

Dad’s wide-open eyes ask,
“How did this happen to me?”
Mom records the scene with glee.

One leg supports
a blackboard-writing daughter
completely ignoring her dad.

On the other leg rests
a large floppy doll,
legs outstretched on his own.

He wonders how did
fatherhood transform
him into a two-legged shelf

Sheryl Kay Oder

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