Poetic Meld

This poem was written as a result of the Poetic Asides Wednesday prompt (7/16/2008) to write for a particular audience. Since I had just written a poetic parody, I chose the Poetic Asides poets as my audience. The extended metaphor in this poem is an attempt to describe the process of such a parody.

Poetic Meld

Seek your favorite poet
and place your foot upon his
to create a poetic dance.

The bigger his shoe size
the lighter will be your own
weight as you begin to follow.

The wallflower notices little
of his graceful gliding,
so put him on your dance card

and feel the pattern
of his steps.
He will romance you

with his rhythms.
Soon you cannot pull away
no matter how hard you try.

Sheryl Kay Oder

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