Poetic Romp

This was written for the Poetic Bloomings prompt, A Must-Read Poet (June 16, 2013). The poem is to be a blurb we would like to appear on the back of our book of poetry. Of course we all flattered ourselves because we could. 😉 I used Earl Parson’s newly-minted form, Appreciation.

Poetic Romp

plies her word tag
in a poetic romp
chasing words and ideas
as they flit across the page.

Sheryl Kay Oder

1 thought on “Poetic Romp

  1. The more I think of my comment that we have “flattered ourselves,” the more I realize that instead we have chosen a goal for our poetry and its effect on others. Yes, I feel that my blurb is more flattery than reality, it is what I long to see in my poetry. I’m sure that is true of us all.

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