Snapping the Bean

Bean Reflections, Curves, and Snow resized for blogBean Abstract 3 Highlights Darkened resized for blogTouching the Bean Cropped resized for blogBean Abstract Croppped  Highlights Darkened Resized for Poetic BloomingsThis was written on June 2, 2013 for the Poetic Bloomings prompt Monuments and Landmarks. This poem is a description of some pictures I have taken of the Cloud Gate, informally known as The Bean. That is how I have snapped The Bean.

The Bean can be found in Millennium Park in Chicago, IL.

Snapping the Bean

A couple in silhouette
multiplies into black ripples
soon merging overhead.

Zoom in closer and reflect
a curvy abstract of tiles
and clouds surrounded in black.

Snap a man touching its surface
to create an upside-down shadow
beneath jagged clumps of snow.

See it become a giant inner tube
with backlighting on tiles
and snow clouds floating by.

Reflect on this.
I have snapped the Bean.

Sheryl Kay Oder

6 thoughts on “Snapping the Bean

  1. Misky, each stanza is describing a different photo. Right now I do not have the time to figure out how to post them here or on Poetic Bloomings.

    • I may be able to help, as long as you have the image saved as a file on your computer.
      @Misky–I’ve seen The Bean and it’s a cool silver mirror oval huge statue of sorts.

  2. Thanks, Misky. I could not have done it without your instructions. I had to redo it, though, because I had inserted the second picture twice and wanted them a bit smaller. I do wish the pictures could have been placed after or beside the poem, though. That way the pictures would supplement the poem rather than the poem supplementing the pictures. oh, well, I’m just glad it worked.

    What is so neat is FaceBook told me you had commented, so I used my own link to check it out.

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