Contest Winner, of Course

Yes, this poem is very bad. It was written for the Bad Poetry/Bad Form prompt on Poetic Bloomings, May 19, 2013. The period behind the word grammar was a mistake, but it was so bad, I decided to keep it.

Contest Winner, of Course

I know this stupendous posey will win your prestigious contest.
When you read all the bland, boring others, you will obviously see this as best.

All of the many, many, many others will fail because I am so blest
With such wonderful marvelous talent, it is sure to be the best.

I can now see those bad, sore losers beating their now-scarred breasts.
It will not help them at all, for mine will outstrip the rest.

You might as well stop reading the others; that is such a reasonable request.
Just give me my well-deserved reward, and give yurslelfs some rest.

My rimes, rythms, spelling and grammar. Will pass every scrupulous test.
I’ve though of enough reasons, so this is the end.

Sheryl Kay Oder

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