What Oft was Thought

This poem was written based upon the Poetic Asides June 3, 2009 Wednesday Prompt to write a poem based upon a popular saying. This “saying” (the first two lines) is simply a part of An essay on Criticism written by Alexander Pope. I figure it is popular with poets at least. As usual, I add a bit of melodrama at the end just for fun.

What Oft was Thought

What oft was thought
but ne’re so well express’d:

this is the joy
of poetry at its best.

Whatever musings
enter in my head

someone, somewhere,
somehow already said.

It is my hope
to simply say it better–

not write cliché
and get it to the letter.

In this attempt
I very often fail.

My words will simply
make me weep and wail.

Sheryl Kay Oder

2 thoughts on “What Oft was Thought

    • Thank you, Misky. If all of us are honest, there are times our poetry does not meet our expectations and leaves us sad. I’m glad you enjoyed this one, however.

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