What is a Poem?

A friend of mine once referred to my poems as my writings. It is true that I sometimes feel I am putting prose into stanza form. However, I do not really “get” prose poems. I simply use free verse most of the time.

Once I wrote a little poem with the title “What is a Poem?” There is nothing original about what I wrote, but it satisfies me. It is not even a full sentence, so I choose to use no capitals or periods.

When my husband was studying about poetry, after all of the possible definitions were given, the class decided if the work was in a book designated as poetry, then it was a poem. 😉

What is a Poem?

pared-down words
creating a clear picture
recalling sights, sounds,
experiences, emotions,
or thoughts

Sheryl Kay Oder

12 thoughts on “What is a Poem?

    • Thank you, Misky.

      Now if I could only find a way to get more followers on this blog. I have worked hard to make it work. Not only that, but I do not get e-mails for some people I follow and have not yet figured out how to place a link on my blog. My learning curve for this is mighty slow. not only that, but a couple of my friends who tried to sign up as e-mail followers are not listed as my followers.

    • Sheryl. I really enjoyed reading the week of poetry. You certainly can express yourself beautifully in petty. Thank you for sharing.

  1. Your poem sums it up nicely, Sheryl. (As far as I’m concerned, if the writer says it’s a poem… it’s a poem!) 😉 Be patient on the whole blogging thing. There’s definitely a learning curve, and followers & comments can be few and far between. :-]

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