You Lacked Clarity

This is based upon the Poetic Bloomings prompt, Read it in a Magazine. We were to take our poetry title from the tiltle of a magazine or newpaper article. The prompt was for today, February 17, 2013

Significant Living magazine
January 2013
Subtitle in Dave Says advice column.
The poem is not at all related to the column itself.

You Lacked Clarity

When you said I was the bane
of your existence, what did you mean?
Give me some examples.

Does the food I cook
make you sick?

Did I step on your toes
or kick you in the groin?

When I asked you to take out the garbage
did I curse at you?

Am I so poorly dressed
I am an embarrassment?

Or are you simply frustrated
with life and I am a handy target?

Give me clarity or give me peace.

Sheryl Kay Oder

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