Winter’s Stardust

This is an update of a poem I wrote years ago, probably in 1966. The original poem contained a generic line about people, trees, and houses. I had revised the poem, making it shorter and including the update about the run-down porch and maple tree. However, as I looked at the old poem, I liked the feeling of the original one better, so I have included most of it with only a few changes. Sometimes poems are changed and changed. Poets can be hard to satisfy.

It is hard to write about snow in a manner that does not seem trite, and this one is an example. I’m sure many people have thought about snow in the same way. My favorite part of this poem is the last stanza.

Winter’s Stardust

Shooting Stars.
Winter’s stardust falls on us today.
I slowly stroll through God’s new-formed galaxy.
This galaxy will soon evaporate,
but now it is here, and I am part of it.
The run-down porch and maple tree
are here now, as they were yesterday.
Yet they, like me, are transformed,
part of a new universe.

I shall remember
when this creation melts away
Heaven’s stars were underfoot today.

Sheryl Kay Oder

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