Word Catch

In poetry or photography there are certain “rules”. Those rules are there for good reason. However, sometimes in order to make ourselves clear, we simply ignore those rules. This word-picture poem makes an important point about how our words can injure others. It was written after being pounded by someone’s words. Another rule I broke here is to use the word “heart”. I agree that word should be used sparingly. In spite of the breaking of those rules I hope you enjoy this word-picture poem.

Word Catch

When you throw those words at me
don’t do it so carelessly,
forgetting where they land.

Don’t fling them hard against my heart,
forgetting that wrong words impart
a meaning not well planned.

Let’s play word catch by the rules
like the games we learned in school,
tossing hand to hand.

Sheryl Kay Oder

4 thoughts on “Word Catch

  1. Kimalee, thank you for liking several of my poems. I always appreciate anyone who takes time to read some of my archived poems.

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