Poetry vs. Life: In This House

Anyone who enjoys writing has a battle between everyday life and writing poetry.

In This House

In this house the cobwebs
creep out the window
and meet the climbing ivy.
Books are piled so high
an avalanche could occur.

The poet sits in quiet contemplation
unaware of impending domestic doom
as he sweeps the extra words
from his page and cleans
the meter of his lines.

Sheryl Kay Oder

5 thoughts on “Poetry vs. Life: In This House

  1. Good Morning, Sheryl. A great start for sure. Suggestions: Add “Followers” to your side bar and get an idea who will be visiting.The design is good; simple and allowing the words to stand alone. You know you can add photos to your postings with the “Add Media” tab in the dashboard (above the toolbar in the staging area). Post your old work too. Give poeple a real feel of what it is you want to convey and who you are poetically. Good luck, and Happy Blogging

  2. Walt, thank for your encouragement. De, my son asked me why I made the poet a man instead of a woman in this poem. Hopefully, I am not that bad. 😉

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